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"Offshore In An Hour" 

With this slogan, we entered the offshore market in 1992 under the trade name NPK-VESTA (registered in 1989), and today we register classical offshore, midshore and onshore companies in 99 jurisdictions and professionally provide clients with comprehensive consulting, secretarial, auditing and legal support, without which it is impossible to imagine modern corporate planning. 

Experience and reputation of your partner 

An offshore company requires maintenance, same as that which is required for your local enterprise with its daily duties, such as reporting, filing, paying taxes etc. 

We help clients to do exactly the same work overseas, because if for any reason an offshore company fails to file the necessary returns and registers or to pay annual fees in a timely manner, this may lead to the company being struck off (removal) from the register of existing companies. Very often a reason for this may be simple incompetence or, which is much worse, disappearance from the market of an agent who helped you to register an offshore company earlier. 

And now imagine, that suddenly you find out that your offshore company, which owns real assets, is not legitimate (not in good standing)! Will you regret not having spent enough time to choose a reliable partner with an impeccable reputation, who has proven their professionalism for a long time? 

The range of services offered 

An important criterion for choosing a partner for registration and maintenance of an offshore company is the range of services that may be required at any stage of the business, starting with the routine legalization of statutory documents of an offshore company and ending with the preparation of legal opinions that require a deep knowledge of laws of the offshore company's jurisdiction. Perhaps at the stage of formation of a foreign company, you cannot foresee all the nuances of which particular documents or services may be important for you in the future. However, you can show wisdom in choosing a partner who is able to offer an entire range of professional services related to serving all of your potential corporate needs. 

Information Policy 

We conduct an open information policy and are happy to share with you all the relevant information that you may request. Since 1992, we have published a number of books, numerous articles, and an authoritative and one of a kind magazine Offshore Express. We are pleased that the high standards adopted by us in the preparation of information on offshore topics made it possible to grow not only a large number of professionals practicing in offshore services, but also to form a whole category of offshore users.

Analytical abilities of specialists 

Today, when developing a business scheme involving an offshore company, it is necessary to take into account not only the slightest nuances of the legislation of the country in which the company is incorporated, but also a legislation of jurisdictions in which the company will conduct its business, as well as where it will be managed and beneficially controlled. Such an analysis may require taking into account not only various legislations, but also a comprehensive assessment of their mutual influence. Being in business for more than 25 years, we have proven our ability to solve equally both standard and complex individual tasks. Do you consider it is possible to neglect this experience when, turning to incompetent specialists, you put on the map the legal and financial security of your business? 

You already have an offshore company, but questions remain? 

You have established an offshore or onshore company somewhere, but a registered agent in that country is unavailable, or the business of an offshore company requires a specific document, but there is no adequate legal support from the service providing company. Unfortunately, these are the realities of today: there are a lot of dilettantes (bad actors) offering offshore services on the market. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, please do not despair! Transfer your offshore company under our administration. We will check the status of your company, restore it in all necessary registries, and prepare everything that is required for the normal operation of your offshore or onshore company.


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